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Hello World!

Here we go again…

This is my second attempt at writing a blog. The first one died a few years back, as did many of my good intentions for it. That being said, I feel like I have a lot more to write about right now, and have been blessed with a plethora of experiences and new and interesting friendships since then.

This time will be different. Since my last foray into the blogosphere 4 years ago I have begun journaling every day. It has been immensely helpful in sorting out my thoughts and experiences. So much so that I even started a company around that concept.

I will also be following the helpful advice of Jeff Goins who recommends splitting writing up into the following steps: Ideation, writing, and editing. He recommends having these are 3 completely separate activities. I highly recommend giving his work a read.

I hope that you walk away from my work a slightly richer person.

And away we go!