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The definitive Otter trail pack list

Hiking the Otter trail is an awesome experience which shows off some of South Africa's most beautiful and rugged coastline. It is also a bit of a toughie, and, having hiked it twice in the past year have overpacked, learnt from my mistake (an extra kg is a lot when hiking 45km), and perfected my hiking list.

This pack comes in at between 12 and 14 kilograms wet and will be the envy of all the hikers you hike with. Don't advertise how light your pack is or you'll be co-opted into carrying other people's wine.

Otter trail writing

The essentials





You may be tempted to bring more food than this. Don't. This is more than enough to keep you well fed and happy whilst keeping your weight low.

Have fun, and hike safe!

Bloukraans river mouth