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Praise for Bear

Since the inception of Bear I've been receiving wholesome emails and kind words about the platform. I've decided to compile a neat list of these mails to revisit whenever I feel demotivated.

5 September, 2022 - Jonathan

Thank you for developing Bear Blog. I really like the simplicity and minimal approach that foregrounds blog content over design tricks. It is a very refreshing approach.

25 August, 2022 - Aravind

Bear feels like meeting a long-lost friend.. or a part of myself that I missed for about a decade. I feel at home reading posts on Bear. It's very cozy, it's warm, it feels like curling up with a book on a rainy day. It feels like sanctuary where there is a beautiful silence but with a spirit of life and love filling the air. Thank you, Herman.

19 August, 2022 - Dario

Thanks for building such a cool platform!

13 July, 2022 - Julian

Just wanted to send you a quick email because I really love Bearblog! I recently created a blog on it and donated and I've really been loving the experience. The simplicity of using it and the UI are great. I love the feel of it and it seems to have a great community around it too. I tried making a blog with wordpress before but found it too complicated and bloated. Your platform is amazing and I love the feel and character of it. Great job!

9 July, 2022 - Daft Chuck

I've been lurking on Bear Blog quite a bit, and I've developed an appreciation for it. I really like what you're doing with it. Thank you for keeping Bear free! Keep up the good work! You know this better than I do, but Bear has already developed its own culture. The blank slate of the platform enables people to express their true selves in a way I haven't seen before. I see longer and higher quality posts mixed in with daily status updates that are four sentences long yet still manage to have meaning.

6 May, 2022 - Bob

Just wanted to say that I've just started playing around with Bear Blog, and it's so much of what I have been looking for (in that it's the perfect amount of little). I've been blogging since the early 00s and this is what I've been looking for ever since I stopped back in 2015. And, thank you for markdown!

7 March, 2022 - Jakub

I recently came across bearblog.dev and let me be honest - it is super awesome! I used to use WordPress and found out that there are other solutions like bearblog.dev and writefreely.

20 November, 2021 - William

I’ve just found and started using bear blog. Well done. I was looking for something simple (without going back to coding my own separate HTML pages) yet flexible.

2 July, 2021 - Victor

Hope this email finds you. Recently started using Bear blog, it is an awesome product. I am a student from a village in India, the internet speed is a bit slow, but bear blog is fast, it is simple and easy to use. Keep up the good work Herman!

26 June, 2021 - Dirk

Thank you for such a great product - your passion for it is inspiring.

16 April, 2021 - Sean

I was on StumblingOn, came across Bear through it and love it. I got stunted on hobbies months ago because of mental issues and seeing your constant flow of journals and projects you make is so inspiring.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. They really do make a difference.


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